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With the GO fuel card, refueling - and everything that comes with it - is made as easy as possible. The extensive network, the commercially attractive conditions and the additional options ensure that the GO fuel card is also the smartest choice for your organization!


  1. Extensive network: With the GO fuel card you have access to more than 1,230 Esso, Texaco, Q8, Octa +, Maes and G&V filling stations in Belgium and even 4,940 filling stations in Europe. This way there is always a location near you! Around 175 stations in Belgium are also suitable for trucks. These are 2,100 stations at European level, in particular in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France. These truck stations are strategically well located and have the necessary truck facilities.
  2. Low costs: At the start a one-time activation amount of € 15 (excl. VAT) will be charged. You also pay favorable monthly card costs per card per month. With the GO fuel card you enjoy fixed discounts on fuel prices.
  3. Web portal: To greatly simplify the management of your fleet, we have developed a special web portal. This online management system provides real-time information about cards, transactions, invoices and limits.
  4. Flexibility and control: You can compile the GO fuel card completely to your liking. For example, it is possible to block cards yourself, to create new cards yourself and to set (time) limits. You can easily arrange this yourself via the web portal when it suits you.
  5. One collective invoice: You receive one periodic collection invoice for all your purchases of fuel and optional car wash, oil, windscreen washer fluid and shop items.
  6. GO fuel card app: Via the free GO fuel card app with route planner you can easily find all gas stations that are connected to the GO network. The overview is updated daily and is therefore always up-to-date! Télécharger sur l'AppStore Télécharger sur GooglePlay
  7. Safety: You can choose a personal pin code and it is also possible to set a tank limit per card. It is possible to block stolen or lost cards 24/7.
  8. Smart extra services: Depending on your wishes and type of company, you can link various extra services to your card.

At ESSO Tentoonstellingslaan we believe in quality, freshness and diversity in our snack menu. We only use daily fresh ingrediënts, and are delighted that we can offer you some new, exclusive and nutricious snacks to eat in or take away, besides the regular menu. 


If you opt for the CO2 compensation option, you pay a fixed contribution per tank of fuel. The rest is automatic: the contribution paid is invested in sustainable energy projects to completely neutralize the CO2 emissions driven. The CO2 contributions go through your fuel card billing.

The extra contributions per liter: Diesel: € 0.017 per liter ex. VAT Gasoline: € 0.015 per liter ex. VAT.


You receive an annual certificate with the number of tons of CO2 that you have compensated. You can communicate this externally via, for example, your website or social media channels, because climate neutral driving is definitely something to be proud of as an organization. Do you want to communicate more about the fact that you are driving climate neutral? We like to think along with you!


Climate-neutral driving means investing in projects of Climate Neutral Group (CNG), a social venture with the aim of making organizations climate-neutral. CNG has become the market leader in the Benelux over the past fifteen years. This position is due to the knowledge and experience in the field of reduction and compensation of CO2 emissions. CNG invests in sustainable energy projects that avoid CO2 emissions and contribute to the local population. CNG's projects are monitored according to the guidelines of strict, independent parties, such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Gold Standard.



Since the EG Group and ESSO Tentoonstellingslaan are defintely on the same page concerning leaving a positive legacy for our planet, we commit with providing you with only the best and highest quality sustainable maintanance products in our store- and online shop.

We're extremely proud being a part of the generation who walks the walk, and talks the talk in the attempt on saving our amazing planet.

We get more and more consious with our influence on the environment. With the CO2 compensation, which is directly connected to the GO Fuel Card, it is possible to compensate your CO2 emmisions while driving, by investing in a susainability project.This way you're able to drive 100% climat-neutral.


  1. You can directly enhance your business activities in a simple way.
  2. If you are unable or unwilling to make the switch to alternative fuels or electric driving, CO2 compensation is the ideal solution to make your fleet greener.

  3. The fact that you compensate CO2 can work to your advantage in (government) tenders.

  4. You will receive an annual certificate for the number of tons of CO2 that you have compensated.

  5. No additional administration since the service is directly connected to your GO Fuel Card invoice.


  1. VAT & excise recovery:

           You can reclaim the VAT that you paid when purchasing goods or involving              services abroad. However, this is usually accompanied by many                                  formalities. In collaboration with Nikosax, we take over this work from you              and complete the complete recovery procedure for you. That saves you a                lot of  time and money..

  1. Toll:

    With storytelling services via the GO fuel card you can cross all toll roads, bridges and tunnels in Europe without delay.

For information concerning all of our services please contact Elisabeth                                       

On demand we are happy to give an information session at your organization, explaining all different benefits and services we provide with our GO Fuel Card.

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